WUWEI – Notes on Living with Purpose and Meaning

This guide is a collection of ancient wisdom and the latest science of our minds during high performance. By merging these vastly different schools together, a framework for creating meaning and purpose in our lives is created.

Taoism is an ancient philosophy about reality and the right way of living. Wuwei (无为) is the manifested way of living Tao.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept which means ‘a reason for being’. Each individual’s ikigai is personal to them and specific to their lives, values and beliefs.

WUWEI, in this guide, means to live according to the wisdom of both these teachings; to achieve mastery of life. The framework in this guide is created by fusing ancient wisdom, with recent science about motivation and how to create high performance. This guide provides a practical approach to live your life with meaning and purpose.

This is important, because more and more people are losing their sense of purpose and meaning in life. We see this manifested as nationalism, racism and walls being promoted as a solution to age long problems. These are all signals of individuals in society losing their patience and becoming ignorant of the right way of living. It is a dangerous delusion which is driven by fear and is extremely contagious.

It is also the opposite of living in a way that WUWEI emerges.

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